evening at the british museum

There is so so much to see at the British Museum. You can wander around all those rooms filled with artifacts for days .
With only a couple of hours at my disposal I chose to check out the ancient Greek culture with its sub-cultures : cycladic, minoan, mycenaean, corinthian,  lycian, boeotian and lykian .

Marble figurine of a woman :

Mycenaean jar decorated with an octopus:

Teracotta female figures, perhaps goddesses Demeter and Persephone:

Drinking vessel called rhyton in the form of a ram's head

 Guardian sphinxes. The sphinx was linked with death and was a common decoration on funerary monuments:

The Nereid Monument, a Lykian tomb found in south-west Turkey:

 Marble slab from the ornamental band running around the top of the outside wall of the Erechtheum, an ancient temple on the north side of the Acropolis of Athens

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