mayfield lavender in surrey

Soothing scents of lavender flowers, purple fields as far as your eyes can see and dazzling blue skies … Ahhh, what a heavenly picture! I’d love to visit places like Abbaye de Senanque in Province …  I’d also love to have my own mini lavender field one day !

Meanwhile, I’m happy to see the purple fields nearer to my home in East London . Well , yes ! A quick research uncovered not one but two farms which grow lavender on the outskirts of London.
One, Hitchin Farm, in Hertfordshire , with 20 acres of lavender,  I visited a few years ago and loved it, although, for someone who doesn’t drive , like me , it’s more difficult to reach.

… there are 39 species of lavender , most of which couldn’t survive in Britain ?
… the species called Angustifolia and Lavandin , a hybrid, are the ones usually grown in the UK ?
… Hitchin has established itself as a lavender grower since the 1500s ?

The other one, Mayfield Lavender, is situated in Surrey , 15miles from Central London. Here they grow organic lavender on 25 acres. The fact that you can hop on the Overland train from where I live , get off at West Croydon, and then on a bus which stops right at the entrance of the farm, really appealed to me. So I to visited it this afternoon .
To the more impatient Londoners out there the bus journey may seem a little long though … 50 minutes. You need a good book .
And talking of dazzling blue skies … the glorious British weather didn’t let me down : as soon as I got off the bus it started drizzling. But  never mind , that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time there. Plus,  I think those fields look stunning under any sky .

… visit on a weekday as I imagine weekends are pretty crowded , like any other attractions in and around London .
… visit during the summer months of July and August .

On the way out I couldn’t miss the souvenir shop and left with a little bag of goodies ... I found the cutest oil burner I have ever seen! Also, a lavender sachet with the Libran scales printed on it . And , although I already have some bottles of lavender essential oil at home, I couldn’t leave without a sample of theirs, to add to my collection of 30+ other oils. One can never have enough … essential oils!

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