london tours guided by homeless people

Cris was our tour guide today . He showed us around Brick Lane and Shoreditch and shared tons of information about the history of the area and the street art : who created it and the meaning behind it  .
What you don’t know yet, if you haven’t figured it out from the title, is that Cris is homeless , yes, and for the last three months he’s been working for an organisation called Unseen Tours .

The organisation provides paid work as tour guides to people without a home . They pay 60% of the ticket fee directly to the guide .
I’m always looking for interesting things to do in London and I came across Unseen Tours while reading the Travelettes blog this summer.
After reading about it, I checked the website and found that they offer a selection of six different tours across London , each at the cost of £10 per person.
I invited my friend along and we picked the Brick Lane tour … and possibly the worst day I could have chosen this summer … Why? It rained heavily all day ! Cool and wet … lovely British summer!
Cris really knew a lot about buildings, places and people , he talked with enthusiasm about all the things he loves in Brick Lane and shared his thoughts on homelessness .
The tour opened my eyes to a whole world of quirky hidden details, street stickers and strong messages , which I used to walk past without paying any attention to .

*The tour takes almost two hours . That means two hours of walking … so, unlike us, do check the weather forecast before booking.
* I know some feel strongly against it , but feel free to tip Cris at the end if you’re happy with how the tour went .

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