homemade lemon & kaolin toothpaste

I recently started doing some online research on toothpaste and read about its history ,  the ingredients and their effects on our teeth. And as I found out, there is really a lot to read on the topic ! Not only that there are numerous articles on sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, etc  but there seems to be a lot controversy  when it comes to natural/homemade toothpaste as well. There is a lot of debate on weather glycerine prevents remineralisation of teeth or not .  Some claim baking soda is too abrasive and others claim that it is only beneficial .

There are many recipes to choose from ,  using different ingredients like coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda , herbal powders, stevia to add sweetness etc .
After all that research ,  I decided to make a simple toothpaste with a couple of ingredients, mixing a soft mineral  ( kaolin clay )  with boiled water and sea salt . I also made a small amount of toothpaste using glycerine instead of water+salt .
For a pleasant taste I added lemon essential oil, but there are  other options  like peppermint,  eucalyptus, orange, sweet fennel , thyme, myrrh, clove , tea tree.
Kaolin or China Clay is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients . It is also used  in the paper industry, medications , porcelain, pottery . The word is derived from the name of the place where it originated – Kao Ling or Gaoling( High Hill )  in Jiangxi province, China .
* 2 tsp ( 10 ml )  boiled water in which I dissolved a pinch of sea salt. Or you can use glycerine instead of water and it will give the toothpaste a slightly sweet taste.
* 3 tsp ( 15 g ) kaolin clay
* 6-8 drops lemon essential oil

* mix kaolin and salt water together
* keep stirring until you get a very smooth paste
* add more kaolin if you want a thicker paste
* add essential oil
* store in container with lid
Dip the brush into the mix and use as a regular paste.

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