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We are constantly bombarded with adverts and encouragements to buy more and more, in every area of our life.  When it comes to skincare we’re promised fast and amazing results delivered through a myriad of products .  I used to buy into this and tried many many of them . But when I stopped to question, you realized  I didn't need most of them .

Antiperspirants sold in stores these days are bursting with harmful chemicals; the one to watch out for is aluminium ( aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium sulphate , aluminium phenosulphate , aluminium zirconium, so on  ) .  Just turn the product around and read the ingredients list !
Many studies have linked aluminium and antiperspirants to diseases like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Aluminium zirconium is said to cause granulomas , which are small nodules of  inflamed tissue, under arms. Antiperspirants or deodorants applied on broken  or newly shaved skin are much more easily absorbed into your body .  Spray deodorants (aerosols) contain HCFC’s , propane , butane , isopropane which harm not only you , but the environment as well .
And why abuse our bodies and skin with these products when the alternatives are simpler, natural and within reach ? Again, a bit of research on the internet will reveal hundreds of  organic recipes to replace toxic deodorants . I have tried a few myself and in the end settled on one that works well for me .
Below I am sharing the recipe I use :
2 tbsp cornstarch
2 tbsp baking soda ( not baking powder ! )
2.5 tbsp coconut oil
2-3   drops  essential oil  ( optional )
Why these ingredients? Because  baking soda absorbs odours, the cornstarch acts as thickening agent  and the coconut oil is antibacterial .
There are two ways in which you can do this :
1. You can just mix all the ingredients together,  fill a small jar with it  and that’s it – ready to use.
2. Or  you can melt the coconut oil together with the cornstarch and baking soda on bain-marie, remove from heat and add the essential oil. I like using lemon or lavender essential oil .  Pour it while it’s warm into a  jar or an old deodorant stick .
You can also play with quantities until you get the consistency you like.
Note that the coconut oil melts at 25 degrees ,  so during summer  or  in warm parts of the world ,  the deodorant will be liquid and can be kept in the refrigerator .
If you’d like to read more on toxic skincare products and healthier alternatives ,  a good book is  ‘Skin Deep’  by Pat Thomas.

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