lemon & green clay mask

Clay and mud have been used by humans ( and animals ! ) for a very long time, it is perhaps one of the oldest therapeutic elements that naturally exist on the planet in abundance . It is used both externally and internally and it’s rich in minerals like silica, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and other elements.
Clay masks are quick to make and in only 10-15 minutes they  help with  tightening pores, stimulating circulation and moisturizing the skin.
There are various types of clay to choose from , with different colours and properties:
Green clay –  for deep detox and purification , astringent,  suitable for all skin types , especially for normal and oily skin
Pink clay –  for all skin types, especially for mature skin
Red clay – for dry, sensitive , aging skin , skin with capillary damage
Fuller’s Earth – for oily skin and acne.
White clay – most gentle, for sensitive skin
The recipe below uses  green clay  but it can be replaced by any of the above :


3 tsp Green clay – astringent, draws impurities from the skin
egg yolk –  nourishing, source of protein
1 tsp lemon juice – minimizes pore size , great for oily skin
1 tsp honey – moisturizing
3 drops lavender essential oil  - soothing ( or you can use other mild oils like chamomile, rose , orange )
* mix egg yolk, lemon juice and honey
* mix clay with wet ingredients until you get a smooth paste,
* add essential oil
* add a bit of water if you need to adjust consistency
* apply on the face and leave for 10 minutes
* to remove, soak a clean face cloth in warm water and place over face to dampen the mask.
* remove the mask gently with the wet cloth.
* rinse your face with clean water.
Treat yourself to a facial mask at least once a week and make small quantities for  every use.

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