the messenger

I have been travelling with a prayer in my heart,
but my mind is still in darkness.

There is something though ... 
a Message!
I pretend I can't hear it ...
the Message frightens me ,
the Message comes from far away, 
from deep within, from home ...

So I keep searching, a tireless search, 
distracting myself day after day.
I feel so tired, so drained . 
I am suffering. 
I create clouds of confusion all around.

But tonight ...
when least expected,
by the dancing candle light, 
a familiar face appears! 
I look closer ...
at the warm wrinkled face of this wise old woman,
her silver hair and eagle feathers hanging down 
from her ears,
a familiar face... 
I know her !

I am crying ...
Fragments of visions and words come back :
the galloping white horse, the Messenger,
the touch of the magical white mouse,
the inviting paws of the lion cubs ...
Suddenly it all makes sense !
It's a moment of illumination!

I am still crying 
 I want to  run away.
Was it all a dream? Or perhaps my imagination ?