land of the shadows

The journey towards the Light starts in the Darkness, in the chaos, in the Land of the Shadows. 
They, the Shadows, have been trying to reach me for a very long time , 
they've been calling me in the depth of the night, while asleep, 
but I turn my back on them,
I choose to run,
I choose to forget, 
it just feels too frightening!
And their calling gets more and more intense, 
night after night , 
and I reject them even more, 
but they  want to be seen and heard  ... 
and one day ... 
they reach me !
in the daylight, while awake...
And the Journey in the Shadow Land begins!

It is dark, so dark ...
there is no one around 
my heart is burning
it hurts
 ...  and the Fear is so raw ,
that I just want to die so I can rest ... 
I feel it in every single cell of  my being!
I think they're after me, some evil monsters , 
I think they want my soul, 
I think they want to possess me ! 
The Shadows come to meet me and I can't run anymore, 
my world has turned inwards,
I must look at them and  feel their pain . 
I meet
the Fear, 
the Guilt, 
the Shame, 
the Resentment, 
the Anger
the Loneliness,
the Sadness ...
and I feel them!
I really feel them ...
for the first time.

After a while 
something wonderful happens !
I thought I'd never see them again ...
but here they are
tiny glimmers of Light in this deep darkness.
And they grow brighter.
  It starts to feel easier .
I begin to see
the Truth!
They just wanted to be heard and acknowledged!
And the more love and understanding I show to Them , 
the easier it feels , 
the lighter I feel , 
the road ahead becomes clearer...

You embrace the Shadows with love ... because they are ME, a long forgotten Me!

~ Inspired by my own journey, dreams and visions ~

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