hitchin lavender fields & skincare course

In mid-June I went to visit and smell the wonderful lavender field,  right outside London ( can you believe it ?), at the Caldwell Farm in Hitchin ... and I came back home with a few bunches of lavender flowers and essential oils.

Distiller, used to make the lavender essential oil .

In the last few months I have been reading about skincare products and I finally discovered ( haha) how damaging and full of chemicals the products we put on our skin are . I also went on a one-day course with a Scottish based company called  Aromantic and learnt how to make natural lip balms, face creams , shampoos , gels and many more. 
Needless to say , I came home and after reading all labels, I threw away all my creams and make up that I had bought in stores before ... 
Now, I am having fun making my own lotions and creams; I even made my own 100% natural toothpaste :-).  I have also been searching, researching and buying  healthier make up products - foundation, eye-shadow and eye-liners, as these are the ones I regularly use.

Products I made on the day of the course.

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  1. Oh wow! That looks like it was a lot of fun, and very educational! I would love to know what brands you are buying now. I bet being surrounded by all that lavender was heavenly!