saturdays at broadway market

Saturday turned out to be the perfect day to spend outside : frosty and cold but just so beautifully sunny and refreshing! And the morning found me again in the local farmers'market, sipping my warm spiced chai latte while walking around and enjoying the blue sky, the smell of all those tempting foods and the sound of the music played by a local band !


  1. I wish, I could see all those things on my own eyes. It looks like a little paradise ;)

  2. Wow, thanks for the tour! What beautiful little moments you captured on your afternoon. Lovely photography, Geanina!

  3. Now *that* was a perfect Saturday!! The pictures are fab, Geanina.
    Look at those lanterns, what a sweet little cafe:)
    And the flowers, and the bread .... I hope you purchased!!

  4. Thank you so much ! It was a lovely day indeed ! You don't get many sunny days in London :)

    I thought you'd like the lanterns, Lenita :) I have actually never been inside that cafe but I always love seeing those hanging lanterns when I pass by .