interview and new pieces

I am so thrilled to see this interview  published on !! It is an article  about myself, my creations and how I started making jewellery, the things that inspire me,  future plans and more :)  If you'd like to read it you can find it  here .

Boticca is a great marketplace where you can find gorgeous jewellery and other fashion accessories, all handmade by emerging designers from around the world .  

I've also finished many new pieces , some of them already available for sale online  and others waiting to be listed . I have spent a lot of time recently looking for new suppliers online, trying to find some nice gemstone cabochons which I'd like to include more often in my work and I also came across these malleable brass cuffs  which are ideal as a base for bead embroidery. They're fun , flexible and easy to wear - I love them! 

Lidia & Elena ~ cuffs 

Moroccan Spice ~ earrings

Tangier ~ earrings


  1. Love the new pieces, Geanina--those cuffs are gorgeous!

  2. Dear Geanina,
    Congrats for the article about yourself!
    And congrats for your new beauties, I love all of them (but I'm crazy for your earrings!!!!)

  3. That is AMAZING Geanina!! Well done you:)You must be chuffed.
    And the jewellery, of course, is gorgeous.
    Have a super weekend ~x~

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing... you are one talented woman, my friend!

  5. Thank you soo much , you're all too sweet :)