top 8 and etsy finds

This week I am so delighted to see that two of my hand embroidered necklaces have been featured, among other gorgeous items, in Boticca's Top 8 This Week and in the Etsy Finds Newsletter!

Under the Tree is a one of a kind piece specially made for a  fun blog hop organised by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things blog with beads from lovely and talented Erin Fickert Rowland owner of Elysian Studios.

Galaxy is another one of a kind bib necklace inspired by images of galaxies and fascinating far away worlds, found while surfing  the internet and looking for material for my Geography lessons:

Galaxy Necklace on Etsy 


Andromeda Galaxy , our nearest large neighbor galaxy.


  1. Congrats, Geanina! I saw your necklace in the Etsy finds email--beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much, Ivy! I was such a surprise, a pleasant one , to see it featured a second time in the Etsy Newsletter!