tutorial ~ wire wrapped earrings

I recently came across a long forgotten folder on my computer where I had stored all these pictures over year ago. At the time I was making a different kind of jewellery, using sterling silver wire and gemstones, inspired by wonderfully talented artists like Emily Gray and Eni Oken .
I really enjoyed making those silver beauties and I wanted to write a tutorial but then the project was abandoned when I discovered bead embroidery  :-)  Although most of the detailed instructions I had written on paper  are lost now,  this is what has survived - 24 images showing how I made  an elegant pair of wire wrapped earrings, which I called Arietta ( arietta = Italian word for a short relatively uncomplicated aria in classical music ) :

Cut the 18 ga wire into two pieces , 10 cm each (1). Create loops at each end using the round nose pliers (2,3).  Bend wire  using round nose plier so you have one side slightly longer than the other (4,5).

Hammer the wire frame (6). Take the very thin 28 ga silver wire and wrap it around the frame starting above the end loop ( 7,8,9 ). Cut the 22 ga wire into two pieces, 20 cm each (10) .

Take thin 28 ga wire again and start wrapping around the 20 cm long wire (11,12). When finished wrap it around the frame starting from above the end loop (13,14,15,16). Create downwards loop for attaching the briolette , as seen in image 15.

Slip one briolette onto thin 28 ga wire , create loop with round nose plier, attach to earring loop and wrap the wire closed as seen in images 19 to 21. Repeat steps 17 to 21  for two more more briolettes (22) and attach ear wire.

Optionally you can dip the earring in liver of sulphur solution to oxidize them (23), take them out and use fine steel wool and polishing cloth to remove excess oxide and create this beautiful 'highs ans lows' effect.
Repeat all steps for the other earring.
And voila! A lovely pair of wire wrapped earrings!


  1. That's a great tutorial, Geanina. I'd love to be good at wire wrapping, I just don't seem to have the patience for mastering it! But I may even have a go again! Your work is so perfectly neat, you should definitely do more of this work too. You should think about selling some tutorials as well.
    I know ..... not enough hours in the day:)) xx

  2. Awesome! I want to try this! I need to play around with more complicated earring designs, and this would be perfect- thanks for teaching us!

  3. Ahh, thank you, Lenita! But you are very good at wire wrapping - I remember seeing some beautiful wire wrapped earrings in your store :)
    Selling tutorials - you are right, it is a great idea; I must say I have been thinking about it - maybe after Christmas :) Thank you so much for your thoughts! xo

    Thank you very much,Erin! I know you will create some gorgeous earrings - I was really impressed with the Egyptian coil bracelet you created recently!... I'd love to see more! xo