kensington gardens

We just had a glorious weekend here in London! 
Temperatures hit record highs for this time of the year ... and I tried to make the most of it .

The initial plan was to visit Kew Botanic Gardens  but due to a series of transport mishaps I ended up in Kensington Gardens - Hyde Park ... which was super hot ( that's great ) but  over crowded and with horribly long  ice-cream queues  :(
The Royal Parks are however beautiful places, great for picnics, sunbathing , walking and jogging.  

In the 16th century King Henry VIII and his court were riding across Hyde Park hunting for deer and wild boar; and in the 17th  century William III , an asthma sufferer, found the Kensington Gradens a quiet refreshing location and comissioned an architect to build  Kensington Palace , where in 1819 Queen Victoria was born . More recently, the palace was home to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Me basking in the sun  in Kensington Gardens and showing off a few of my most recent creations: a woven necklace, a linen top and a colourful belt :

The Serpentine Lake which is the boundary between Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park:


  1. What beautiful photos, Geanina! I love the effects you gave them, and that you were out and about in your lovely necklace! Thanks for taking me through Kensington Gardens, if even for a brief moment. It looks wonderful!

  2. Thank you, Erin! I started with those old photos of the park and I wanted to keep that mood throughout the entire post.
    Shame I didn't go to see Kensington Palace ... too busy looking for ice-creams :D