the brooch

Brooches are fun and versatile!
I love clipping them onto a clutch, a scarf, the lapel of a jacket and sometimes I use them to fasten a cardigan . You can also pin them onto a hat, a belt  or even straight onto a necklace chain. 
They just add a bit of sophistication  and draw the attention to a certain part of your body .

I have created this collage on Polyvore to share a  few ideas on ways to wear brooches :

I have been filling my store recently with more beauties and amongst them you'll also find a collection of brooches :


  1. These are so fabulous. I actually have never really worn a brooch, but I would wear one of these! I love it on the hat! All of your suggestions are great!

  2. Thank you, Erin :) I love brooches and I have tried all these styles myself ... well, all, apart from wearing it onto the hat (I rarely wear a hat)!

  3. Unos broches preciosos, enhorabuena!!!