spring/summer : dolce & gabbana

I recently started looking at the Summer/Spring 2012 trends  and yesterday this collection from Dolce & Gabbana caught my interest . I LOVE the vegetable prints, the pasta earrings , the wicker handbags and the crystal encrusted dresses!

All photos collected via Style.com


  1. Dolce & Gabbana ^_^
    I love this great italian brand and love your beautiful picks^_^

  2. I love your picks, as always! Such beautiful texture and detail in this collection. Many designers seemed to gravitate toward the tube tops- I believe Pucci did as well. I am in love the blue floral fabric of this collection- and those shoes!!

  3. Thank you, Ilenia! Italian designers are so talented and ... charming :), aren't they ?

    You're right about the tube tops, Erin. I confess Pucci's collection is my favourite collection so far - LOVE his Mediterranean gypsy woman :)