collections ~ serengeti

My latest set , a two piece urban safari chic collection, a brooch and a necklace { the necklace has been sold already :) }, both embroidered by hand :

I love travelling ...
both in real life and with my mind .
One of my many imaginary travels took me to the scorched African savanna {which seems to be a recurrent theme in my jewellery making - I adore the sun and heat }
This time I am in the Serengeti which lies to the north of Tanzania and south west of Kenya , an 'Endless Plain' as named by the Maasai people and well known for the largest mammal migration in the world; it is a vast mostly treeless plain with millions of animals constantly searching for fresh grasslands...

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa Vimeo.

And here is what I would like to wear these pieces with :

Safari Chic


  1. A wonderful landscape ... a wild and unspoiled...a wonderful source of inspiration for your magnificent jewels^_^
    The necklace is great!

  2. Beautiful images to inspire such beautiful pieces!

  3. Beautifull... They're really look like from Arfica :)

  4. Thank you so much,ladies! I would love to see Serengeti one day - in real life :)

  5. Stunning! I love the mood and the beautiful photography. These pieces are exquisite!