a passion for purses

This week I went on an intensive course in Handbag Design at the London College of Fashion ( more on that in a different post :)) ) and while in the college library I came across a book called  'A Passion for Purses: 1600-2005'  by Paula Higgins and Lori Blaser, which presents a selection of hundreds of high quality purses chosen from private collections . I fell in love with these cute little purses, so beautifully crafted , with gorgeous bejeweled frames :


  1. These are amazing. I don't think I have ever seen purses quite like this! Good luck in your class- I can't wait to see the handbags you design!

  2. Just dicovered your blog (Lori´s Bead Soup Party ... what a great way to connect ♥) and these purses.

    What a challenge - a purse class sounds wonderful. Looking forward to see what you are creating after the class and also at the party day.

    Have a lovely day, your blog is so beautiful.

  3. P. S. you have a romanian name, isn´t it?

  4. * The purses are very beautiful indeed, Erin! I had never seen anything like this until I came across this book .
    My work on the handbag collection is still in its very early stages, but I am really excited !!

    * Hello, Manuela! Thank you for stopping by :)
    The handbag design course was indeed very interesting , I learnt so much !
    That was a very good guess: I am Romanian, although most people think Italian first :)
    Are you Romanian as well by any chance?