kyoto garden in london

I have been living in London for five years and although I am not a city girl ( and I complain much about the crowds and the traffic , the gray sky and  the rain ) , I really believe London is a fantastic city which has so much to offer . There are hundreds of things you can do and places you can visit . Last week when  the temperature finally went up,  reaching 30Celsius,
 I decided to take a break ( I have started working on giving my long forgotten website a make-over ) and visit a spot in London that I had never been to . Where to though ? I remembered this friend of mine talking about a lovely Japanese garden in Holland Park ... so, off I went , armed with my camera .

I love the houses  near Holland Park ; such a beautiful location.

1. Statue of Lord Holland,  English politician in the early 19th century.
2.  A tranquil walk in the park .
3. Arcade and murals painted by Chinese artist Mao Wen Biao , illustrating a garden party in the 1870s. 
4.  Peacocks' lawn.

Mural  painted in the 1990s.

The beautiful Kyoto garden, an oasis of calm, has been created in the traditional Japanese  tour garden style with features like : pond, waterfall, stones, bridge over water and stone lanterns .

Water basin, bamboo fountain and stone lantern .


  1. Geanina, I love Japanese gardens! I also love posts that transport me to far off places. This lovely piece makes the gardens of London feel a bit closer. Thank you for sharing- and you take beautiful photos!

  2. What stunning photos, it's hard to believe it's in London. I agree, the houses are gorgeous ... I dream of a house like that in Chelsea some day:))

  3. Thank you for such kind words,Erin! I absolutely love travelling and seeing new places and people. Would love to see a Japanese garden ... in Japan. Maybe one day :)

    I must confess my passion for photography is growing every day. I am so happy you like them, Lenita :)
    There some very beautiful areas in London and unfortunately some very run down places. It's a funny thing I'm publishing this when there is rioting and looting across London and England.
    Chelsea is really posh, I also like Richmond. I hope you'll get your dream house one day, Lenita...with lots of Moroccan features in it :))

  4. It was absolutely shocking, such mindless thuggery. Richmond is a beautiful area ... and you know me too well ... Moroccan all the way!!

  5. Shocking it was, Lenita !! I was so worried , all those horrible things were happening right outside, on my street (: So sad to see those people loose their businesses and homes.