laser cut jewellery

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to learn how to use this great tool which is the 2D CAD/CAM software  ( computer aided design and manufacture ) to create laser cut jewelry in wood or acrylic. I really enjoyed the whole process; learning how to use the machine proved to be quite easy , whereas the design bit ... well, takes a bit of practice! :)  
I wanted to create a small collection with a more casual, urban feel, pieces that you can wear almost every day ( as I have been doing !) .
 I chose two materials : wood ( I love the raw look of the wood ) and black acrylic . When  finished cutting the pieces  I wanted to add a bit of sparkle  :) , so I got my Hot Fix applicator out of my tool box and glued some Swarovski and glass crystals on the surfaces, then attached a few goldfilled / gold plated chains and findings and ... here they are:

Honey I'm Home Necklace

Medusa Necklace

The Sea Sponge Earrings / black acrylic 

The Sea Sponge Earrings / wood : I made a pair of these for myself  and I have been wearing them every day . Love huge earrings !

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