a small treat

This week I am decorating my little office space and the living room : I have been organizing piles and piles of  books , papers , mail , documents , magazines ; decluttering and throwing  away things I no longer use; I have also been making assorted cushion covers for sofas and a small wall collage .
So this morning, before staring work , I decided to treat myself with a strawberry tart and ...



  1. That tart looks divine, Geanina! Gorgeous photos from the park too...plenty of inspiration there :-)


  2. Strawberry tart - yummy! I've had maybe too many of them lately :)
    Thanks for stopping by,Belinda!

  3. It feels so good to de-clutter. I've been doing that lately too, it's amazing the amount of stuff you hold on to - just in case!! I love making cushion covers too and the wall hanging sounds cool:)

  4. It does feel good; clutter takes up so much space!
    I just filled two gigantic bags with clothes I never ever wear (what a waste of space!) !! They'll be heading to charity soon.
    Have a lovely weekend, Lenita!