the black swan set

I ,too , absolutely love Natalie Portman’s latest  ballet- inspired psychological thriller Black Swan ... it is beautiful, delicate, dark , disturbing and sad. I tried to bring a bit of this drama into my jewellery making ... with black lace, soft freshwater pearls and Czech glass for sparkle. And here are  the completed pieces:

Black Swan Necklace


  1. Omg! This necklace is Fantastic:o)

  2. Geanina, I absolutely love your new model shots. Seeing your stunning creations worn by a stunning model really brings them to life! Your necklace and earrings are oh-so-dramatic...beautiful!! I love your Etsy picks too :-)

    I haven't seen Black Swan yet, but it does look like a fantastic movie! Unfortunately I don't get out much these days (with two toddlers to nurture!), so I might have to wait until it's out on DVD! LOL ;-)

    Hope you're having a great week!


  3. That necklace is just beautiful, Geanina. It is dramatic, yet romantic and delicate. And I love your model shots too - such a gorgeous model.
    Have a lovely evening xx

  4. Thank you so much, Ilenia! So glad you like it! This necklace is no doubt one of my favourite so far!

    Thanks thanks, Belinda :) I really enjoyed my mini photo shoot, was so much fun and it does make such a difference to see the piece on a model.
    The Black Swan ... my kind of film - I love psychological, mystery movies.
    Wish you a great weekend! :))

    Thank you ,Lenita!:) The model is a good friend of mine who kindly agreed to do this ... and yeah she is lovely and very pretty...
    Have a great weekend,Lenita! :)

    @roseworksjewelry - Thank you for stopping by ! I ve always loved jewels with a story/meaning and my inspiration comes from foreign cultures and exotic places ...that is without doubt because of my background in Geography! :)

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my Racerback Tutu~ it was fun to create and did it the weekend before I saw "Black Swan". Love the collection :)