angels in my hair set

Christmas is so near and  this thought awakens so many senses and childhood memories : the smell of the cold Siberian air  and my mother's baked cakes , the feel of falling snowflakes on my cheek, that strong smell of fir tree and resin , the divine sound of carols at Christmas Eve and ...the sight of presents under a heavily decorated  tree!

Angels in my Hair Necklace - rhinestones, seed beads, pearls, acrylic, Czech glass and goose coquille  feathers .


  1. That sounds idyllic, you've described your childhood so beautifully Geanina. And, wow, the necklace is superb, the ribbon is such a romantic twist. Gorgeous work as always. xx

  2. I utterly adore your Angels necklace, Geanina...the tones of white and charcoal are beautiful. The feathers are a luxurious touch :-)

    I thoroughly enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with you...your childhood Christmas' sound wonderful!


    P.S. I love your treasury too! :-)))

  3. Thank you, Lenita !!:)I have been talking sooooo much about snow lately ... I am actually a sunshine addict ! Its only around Christmas that I become a bit nostalgic and I miss that fairytale like atmosphere and all the Christmas rituals!
    The ribbon does add romance and femininity to the necklace! :)

    Thank you, Belinda!! I have been using these silver/gray tones a lot lately, but it is the first time I incorporate feathers in my jewellery!
    Treasuries are fun - just no time to create them more often. :)