heavenly maidens necklace

I have been studying Geography my whole life (well ..since 13 - i used to be the geek who went to  National Olympiads in Geography every year ) and teaching it for the last 6 years ... my fascination with places, people, travelling ,everything foreign and exotic is immense.
Last year I visited an Asian country for the first time - Sri Lanka, called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean by some, and I had the chance to see and enjoy a variety of places : the super humid and  busy  urban areas like Colombo , the stunning beaches ,  the Kandy highlands, the tropical forest in central Sri Lanka, the scorching savanna in the South  and many ancient archaeological sites. Sigiriya (Lion's Rock ) is one the most spectacular ancient ruins I have seen and , some say, is the 8th Wonder of the World. It is a 200 m rock fortress, the capital of King Kassapa I ,  built in the 5th century , a magnificent complex of geometrically laid gardens, pools and fountains. The beautiful frescoes representing the Heavenly Maidens  living at the palace of the king and  the well preserved colours,  inspired me to create the latest jewel - The Sigiriya Necklace

Heavenly Maidens Frescoes


  1. You already know how much I love this necklace, Geanina ;-) It's just perfect for the party season!

    It's wonderful to see your inspiration behind the piece. How lucky you are to have travelled to Sri Lanka! The Lion's Rock looks utterly breathtaking. I imagine that seeing this amazing site will be one of those memories that you treasure forever :-)


  2. So sweet and kind of you , Belinda! Thank you so much! :)
    Climbing to the top of the rock ( 1200 steps!!)and breathing in all those amazing views...was a tiring and unique experience. Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country ... and the food - delicious, I loved it !!

  3. That necklace is just stunning, Geanina. I have never been to Asia yet, but I absolutely plan to once my two little ones are older. It sounds amazing!