bavarian fairy tale

I visited Bavaria (Mittenwald) before Christmas and I loved the fairytale feel of the place, their cosy homes with amazing murals on the outer walls and the colours of the national costume,  the felt or leather Bavarian hats, usually decorated with a large feather.

This is another piece inspired by traditional head accessories:

Bavaria Earrings

Traditional Bavarian costume

Stunning murals

Isar river / Mittenwald


  1. The colours in these earrings are gorgeous! Such a rich and opulent design, they're really beautiful :-)

  2. Thank you, Belinda ! Currently working on matching necklace!

  3. Ohhh, I know it will be spectacular! I cannot wait to see it :-D

  4. Those murals are amazing! I was in Bavaria many years ago, it was the summer, but I bet Christmas is just magical:) Fab colour combination in the earrings.

  5. The murals are amazing indeed, Lenita! The views were stunning,tons of snow ... but it was freezing cold, at -18C when we arrived in Munich! :)